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Purple Tinz Episode 14: Blogger Extraordinaire

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Onome’s friend tries to help her land a job.

Inside Nikki’s house - in the morning

Nikki just gets off a phone call and excitedly tells her father that she has caught a very big break: a governorship aspirant, Mr. Fulonsho has just invited her to an exclusive interview of him for her blog as part of his campaign. She is thrilled by the exposure this will give her blog, and the serious money that the aspirant has agreed to pay her.
Nikki’s father is not happy with this development and says that she is too young to be getting involved in politics. He says that her blog began as a school project, but it seems to have gone too far.

Nikki tries to explain why she needs to do this interview, but her father seizes her laptop and her modem, and forbids her from pursuing the interview any further. The aspirant aide calls Nneyola and wants to know where she is. They’re waiting for her for the interview. Nneyola whispers that she’s on her way.

Inside Mr. Fulosho’s office - late morning

A telephone is ringing in the background and we hear ruffling of papers. Nikki greets and announces that she’s here to see Mr. Folusho for the interview. He tells her that Mr. Folusho is currently in a meeting with the party leader and will be with her shortly.

In one of the rooms Mr. Fulosho is having a meeting with his godfather. The door of the meeting room is open. Nikki overhears bits of the conversation about a rail project; Mr. Fulosho and his godfather are talking about how they can keep some of the rail project money for themselves. Nikki is shocked by this.

As the men conclude their conversation and head for the door, Nneyola greets them. Mr. Fulosho invites her to have a seat while his godfather exits the room. The two exchange formalities before Mr. Fulosho asks her if she is related to Chief Philip Shobanjo. Nikki tells him yes, he is her father. Mr. Fulosho remarks that he’s heard a lot about her father and he can see that she got her intelligence from the Chief. Nikki thanks him for the compliment.

Mr. Fulosho then gets down to business. He gives Nikki a pre-written interview for her to publish on her blog. Nikki interjects saying that it’s already typed and she thought she was meant to have an interview with him for the story. Mr. Fulosho tells her there’s no need for that since everything he wants to say is in the document. He mentions that the light rail will be the main project of his administration - and it’s about time someone (himself) started thinking about the people. He tells her she can add that last bit in her blog. Nikki tells him she understands and will do so.

He then tells her to relax and not be intimidated by sitting next to an important person like him. He mentions that she seems like someone who wouldn’t write something they aren’t supposed to write on social media. Nikki agrees that she isn’t that type of person.

Mr. Fulosho hands money to Nikki saying that she should get herself some dinner. Nikki declines, saying that it’s too much money. Mr. Fulosho insists and tells her that if she plays her part like a good girl, he will look after her once he is in office.

Inside Nikki’s bedroom - in the late afternoon

Nikki’s father is reprimanding her telling her that he forbade her from interviewing Mr. Fulosho. Nikki apologizes. Her father also reprimands her for writing about the part that she overheard but Nikki tells him that she had to write the truth and clear her conscience. Her father tells her that he’s been receiving calls all morning from people asking how his daughter got herself into such a scandal.

He is disappointed with Nikki for not even informing him about the story before publishing. Nikki apologizes again and tells him that he was right about these politicians, they can’t be trusted at all. She tells him that she thinks she has to return the money Mr. Fulosho gave her to publish the interview. Her father exclaims that this is all very serious and not just about the money.

Just then, Nikki receives a call from Mr. Folusho’s aide. Nikki is a bit panicked and her father asks who it is. When Nikki tells him, he tells her to pick the call and record the conversation and put him on speakerphone. Mr. Folusho’s voice comes on and he is furious. He lambasts Nikki and tells her she has no right to post something she overheard. He demands her retract what she has published or else… Simi’s father takes the phone and asks Mr. Folusho why he is threatening his daughter when she simply spoke the truth, and that is something which cannot be said for him.

Mr. Folusho remarks that this was all planned by Simi and her father. He threatens Nikki again but Nikki’s father doesn’t back down. Mr. Fulosho tells him that if his daughter doesn’t fix this, they will hear from his lawyers and then drops the phone.

Fearing for his daughter’s safety, Chief Phillip tells her to send the recording to his phone and leave immediately for Koroduma where she will stay with her aunt while he sorts everything out. He tells her to stay away from her phone; calls, internet, social media, until it is all sorted out. Nikki thanks her father.

If you were in Nikki’s shoes, what would you have done?

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Larai has to choose between her family and her political ambitions.


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